Style Cult

The very title, “Style Cult”, is captivating. These words invoke a certain amount of curiosity, and put together they are both mysterious and commanding. Style Cult is a premier salon located in Jacksonville, Florida. With services ranging from personal style customization, to hair styling, product recommendations, and fashion consultation, Style Cult is a preferred location for anyone looking to revamp or accentuate their look. Edgy but approachable, this is an inviting environment welcome to everyone.

Style Cult is about bringing out the best in your self image. You’ll feel at home and maybe even discover a side of yourself you never knew existed. Many of these logos are inspired by ancient symbols and sacred geometry. They pull inspiration from the occult without being overtly corny or creepy. We didn’t want to summon any spirits here. But there is something compelling in simple shapes. Sharp edges and bold typography. We want to create a mark that is striking. Instantly recognizable. And completely unique. Just like you.